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When to replace your prosthetic device:

Your prosthesis needs to fit well and match your lifestyle. This is important for people of all ages and activity levels. Over the years, you may need to replace your prosthesis or its parts. These changes will be made by a prosthetist who knows how your body works and has the technical skills to build a prosthesis just right for you.

You might need to replace your prosthesis when:

  • You have gained a lot of weight
  • Prosthetic components (parts) no longer work the way they should
  • Your activity level changes
  • You need a new component that does not work well with what you have

You might need to replace components of a modular prosthesis when:

  • The socket is too big, too small, or the wrong shape and causes pain or infection
  • Parts of your prosthesis have shrunk or stretched and are no longer safe
  • Materials are cracked or broken
  • Materials are not strong enough to hold your weight
  • There is a leak or breakdown in the suction suspension
  • You cannot keep your prosthesis clean anymore